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UCI Forum Launches SIP over IPv6 Task Group

November 28, 2011

The UCI Forum continues making advances toward unified communications interoperability. Most recently, the forum launched its SIP over IPv6 Task Group. The new Task Group, which successfully completed the member review and comment period, is the first test program chartered to operate under the Test and Certification Work Group (CWG).

This Task Group will establish a SIP over IPv6 test network infrastructure for vendors to test their IPv6 SIP interoperability.  Members will be able to stand up their gear anywhere in the world and be able to test interop with any other member regardless of proximity.   Additionally the IPv6 infrastructure will be capable to host a virtual plugfest to test SIP voice sessions over IPv6.

The IPv6 test infrastructure will be based on the Department of Defense Unified Capabilities Requirement (UCR) 2008 Ch 3 specification.   The UCR specifies the functional requirements, performance objectives, and technical specifications for DoD networks that support Unified Communications.  One of the major benefits of this task group will be aiding members in achieving IPv6 SIP interoperability for the DoD UCR by pre-testing their solutions.

The SIP over IPv6 Task Group is chartered to:

  • Provide a secure environment that allows members to perform online testing for SIP over a known good working IPv6 infrastructure.
  • Provide a test suite for member companies to simulate DoD UCR 2008 Ch 3 IPv6 requirements. Some examples of tests that can be performed are: make an IP call, receive an IP call, transfer a call, call to PSTN, incoming call from PSTN and call to E911.
  • Provide a cloud-based test platform that is available online and at any time.
  • Provide a platform for virtualized interoperability testing at various formal events.

For more information on the SIP over IPv6 Task Group and the UCI Forum in general, please contact


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