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UCIF Update – Task and Study Groups Kick-off Activities

October 14, 2010

Last week was a busy one for members of the UCIF. In addition to hosting our first member face-to-face meeting and a recruiting event at IT EXPO West, we also held several work group, task group and study group meetings.

We accomplished quite a bit over the course of three days, and we’re excited to see the fruits of our labor over the coming months. In addition to meeting with members of the SIP Forum and establishing joint priorities, we also hosted elections for our work group chairs. Candidates are listed on the UCIF website. If you missed the event, read highlights from a number of the breakout sessions below.

Test and Certification Work Group

The Test and Certification Work Group is integral to the success of the UCIF. Because the responsibilities of this group reach far and wide, we are in the process of evaluating the best solution to chairing the work group (which will require a significant amount of dedicated time resources). In the interim, next steps include:

  • Form a Test Lab RFP study group at next WG meeting- already aware of a number of options and have begun assessing our needs as well as the various labs’ services and offerings
  • Form a Certification Marks Study Group at the next WG meeting.
  • Set up recurring workgroup calls.

 H.264 AVC/SVC Modes Task Group

We had tremendous participation in this task group, including 50 people members and five candidates for the task group chair position. Interested parties include vendors offering video endpoints, video infrastructure, PCs, CPUs, chips, webcams, etc. Next steps include:

  • Elect task group chair and vice chair ASAP
  • Develop the specification for the Webcam Task Group in order to move forward
  • Continue with regularly scheduled meetings

Instant Messaging & Presence Study Group

The initial focus on the study group is gathering information on existing profiles and certification programs and evaluating workshop proposals. Next steps include:

  • Elect akat permanent chair ASAP
  • Set up instant messaging accounts for group collaboration to test the protocols being studied
  • Set up recurring calls

USB Audio Task Group 

There are a number of headset and speakerphone manufacturers interested in the consolidation of audio and call control testing specifications. Next steps include:

  • Set up regular monthly meetings for task group members
  • Continue effort to recruit different soft-client options to expand interoperability

Voice Study Group

The Voice Study Group team was formed with strong cross-company support. Next steps include:

  • Elect a permanent chair ASAP
  • A small team (already formed) will draw up a recommendation on work breakdown structure
  • Hold next meeting scheduled for Oct. 18, 2010, 9 am PT

If you are interested in participating in any of the groups described above – or any UCIF work groups, please send an email to Participation is open to all UCIF members, and we welcome your involvement.


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