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UCIF is Full Steam Ahead with the Formation of New Task Groups

September 3, 2010

UCIF is picking up steam in its mission to enhance interoperability in Unified Communications (UC). As a foundational belief that testing is critical, UCIF has put this principle into action. We are happy to announce the creation of two significant Task Groups to test protocols, seek to consolidate requirements and certification, and verify solutions in these key areas:
• H.264 Configuration for Unified Communication
• USB Audio Device

The H.264 Configuration group will be tasked in defining H.264 AVC (Advanced Video Coding) and SVC (Scalable Video Coding) UC Configuration Modes Sets for Unified Communication. Lead by Jingyu Qiu, the end goal of the group is to deliver a specification defining the encoding modes, tools, and layers for AVC/SVC Unified Communication scenarios, ranging from mobile, desktop, H.264 AVC/SVC webcam, to high-end telepresence systems.

While the USB Audio task group, headed up by Jyoti Black, will be created to consolidate the UC USB Audio device requirement and certification program. The end goal here is for any certified USB audio device to work with any VoIP clients that support the requirements and certification of this program. Ways to support existing devices certified by the different UC device programs will also be considered.

We are openly recruiting interested parties to join us in these tasks. It’s guaranteed to be eye opening and the first in the industry!

Get started. Become a UCIF member and get on the task group of your choice.


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