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An Interesting Experiment… Participate in the Ad-hoc Interoperability Test

August 16, 2010

On August 17, 2010, UCIF will be sponsoring an ad-hoc interoperability test, involving multiple protocols and modes of communication. In general, the UCIF philosophy is “feel the pain, fix the problem”, so UCIF has been a regular user of UC technology since its inception. This has been an “interesting” experience, so we figured that we’d share the “fun” with a broader audience.

This ad-hoc experiment will include tests of audio, video, web conferencing and instant messaging interoperability.

Here are the details:
• Date:  August 17, 2010
• Time: 9 – 10:30 AM Pacific Time
• Protocols tested:  XMPP, SIP, Web Conferencing
• Modes:  Audio/Video, Instant Messaging & Presence, Multi-User Chat
• Facilities:  Voice Bridge, Multi-User Chat Room, Web Conferencing (two different services)

Note: Since we expect interoperability problems to arise (this is UC, right?), we will have facilities to provide debug traces.

Want to participate? For all the details, contact:
Bernard Aboba
Chairman of the Board, UCIF
Skype: baboba9132


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